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Designer Glasses and Designer sunglasses

Designer Glasses and Designer sunglasses have become more than a way to improve eyesight and protect eyes from the sun. Designer Glasses have become a fashion accessory, with celebrities leading the way with think, with rimmed optical frames to Jackie O style sunglasses.

Designer Glasses are an affordable way to buy into the luxurious fashion brands from the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Tom Ford, Bvlgari, Armani, Mikli, Burberry, Chanel, Diesel, Dior, Fendi, Oakley, Police, Prada, Ray-Ban, Roberto Cavalli, Juicy Couture and Versace.

Whilst a £1000 dress may never find its way into your wardrobe some stunning designer sunglasses for less than £100 could be in your bag. Not only are designer sunglasses and designer glasses fashionable they are also an essential way to protect your eyes from the harmful rays produced by the sun.

Sports such as skiing and golf require flexible and reliable glasses that are light so that the sport person can forget they are there and focus on the game in hand. They are also essential for driving. Even in the winter months when there is frost on the ground the sun's glare can obstruct the driver's vision and only a good pair of sunglasses can ensure that the driver sees clearly.

Polarized lenses filter light reflected from horizontal services, which makes your eyes more comfortable when you're driving, out on the water or playing sports. For those with less than perfect vision who find themselves squinting in the sun with their usual glasses can not get prescription sunglasses.

For many of us aside from the aspect of improving our eyesight is how the frames actually look on our face. The wearer should consider face shape and colour and also personality when it comes to choosing the ideal eyewear frames. As long as you have a prescription that is less than two years old you can get your designer eyewear fitted with prescription lenses from
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